Casino Bonus

bonus moneyOne of the best things when you register at a new casino is to get a large bonus. It is always nice to give your bankroll a boost and nothing is sweeter than winning a large jackpot while playing using bonus money.

But how do bonuses work and what should you think about before you accept a bonus. The answer to that question differ between different types of bonuses. With this in mind we are going to look a little more closely on some common bonus types.

No deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus in many ways the best type of bonus out there. It is a completely free bonus where you do not need to deposit any money to get it. All you have to do to get a no deposit bonus is to complete the registration and verify you e-mail address. The bonus is usually in your account straight away but in some casinos you have to wait until the next day to get it.

This type of bonus is usually very small and usually only worth $10-15. It is also common that the bonus consists of free spins.

No deposit bonuses are always worth collecting. There is no downside to do so. They do not cost anything and you can collect as many as you want. The bonus is there to allow you to try different casinos so you are not doing anything wrong by taking advantage of the bonus in several casinos. The casinos that you have registered at might occasionally send you emails with special offers. These offers are sometimes very good and better than their official bonuses.

This type of bonus is sometimes referred to as free casino bonus.

Free spins

Free spins are not a special type of bonus in itself. It is rather an alternative way to pay out the bonus. Some casinos do not give you any cash bonus. They prefer to give you free spins instead. The number of free spins that you can get vary a lot between different casinos. Some casinos only give you a few free spins. Other give you 500 or more free spins.

It is common that casinos give a bonus that consist of a mix of money and free spins. It is very common that no deposit bonuses consist of free spins. By giving away free spins the casino knows that you will use them to play a fun popular slot which maximizes the chances that you will like gambling online. If they give you cash you might spend the money trying a less popular slot that is less fun to play.

The casino free spins you get is usually tied to one slot machine but you are sometimes able to choose between a number of different slots that you can use the free spins on.

Welcome bonus

bonusThe welcome bonus is usually the biggest bonus you will get in a casino. It is usually the bonus you see advertised. The welcome bonus is the bonus you get when you deposit money for the first time. Some casinos give you a welcome bonus only on your first deposit while others do it on the first few deposits The welcome bonus usually consist of a cash bonus. Some casinos offer free spins instead. It is common that a bonus consist of cash and a few free spins on top.

The size of your welcome bonus usually depends on how much money you deposit. The welcome bonus is usually advertised as a percentage with a maximum bonus. A bonus can as an example be advertised as 200% up too $400. What this means is that you can get a maximum bonus of $400. To get this bonus you have to deposit $200 into your account (200% of $200 is $400). If you deposit $200 you get an additional $400 as a bonus and you end up with $600 in your account to play with.

It is important that you understand that the bonus will be associated with a wager requirement. You might not be able to withdraw any money (bonus or deposit) until you have met the wager requirement.

The wager requirement will be different in every casino. It is therefore very important that you read the fine print and find out what the wager requirements are before you accept a bonus. You need to verify both the total wager requirement and which games that count towards the requirement. It is common that some games don’t count towards the wager requirement or that they only count with a fraction of the actual bet size. An example of such a game is black Jack. Black jack usually only count towards the wage requirement with 10% (if at all). This means that you need to bet ten times more than the official wager requirement if you want to met it playing blackjack. The best way to met the requirement is usually to play slot machines.

Other bonuses

The bonuses mentioned above are the absolutely most common ones. Casino do however regularly offer a large number of other types of bonuses including VIP bonuses, campaign bonuses, reload bonuses and a long row other bonuses.

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